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Dartboard - Voicemail Evolved


Engage in genuine, fun, and fast conversation with Dartboard! Simply choose an optional filter, record your voice, and then send your message - or Dart - to anyone. They can easily listen and Dart back. Customize your sound with Dartboard's voice filters. Dartboard currently hosts four options: Hunk, Borg, Invader, and Helium.Dartboard's user-friendly platform has a Quick Reply option that automatically links your response to whoever you're Darting with. Your Dartboard experience can be interactive and conversational, or it can be used to send quick notes and messages. Send a Dart to friends, family members, colleagues, or to yourself as a reminder.
Dartboard is the voicemail of the future, the perfect middle ground of communication. Dartboard is more interactive than a voicemail, more personal than a text message, and faster than phone call. Download, record, and start Darting today!